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Finger Air Reel
Will the Finger Air Reel fit my new combine header?The Finger Air Reel will fit most all combine headers from widths of 15 to 30 feet. Many Finger Air Reels are sold on new combine headers due to the deduction in price that the customer can receive when purchasing the header less the factory reel.
What crops can the Finger Air Reel help?The Finger Air Reel can help in virtually all crops that are harvested with a flex header. Soybeans, edible beans, wheat and milo are the most common crops harvested with a Finger Air Reel. The Air Reel also makes a flex header perform well in crops that are ordinarily harvested with a rigid head.
Is the Finger Air Reel beneficial only in short crop conditions?Even though the percentage of crop savings is greater in tougher conditions (short or lodged beans, down milo ), the Finger Air Reel can save bushels of crop and increase visibility and feeding in all conditions.
Do I have control of the air flow while combining?Yes, besides being able to use your headers fore and aft controls, the Finger Air Reel comes standard with two toggle switches, which are mounted in the cab, and control the direction as well as the volume of the air.
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