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Gold'N Cut

Now there's a cutting system so advanced it literally cuts the competition out of the field. That top line system is the one and only Crary GOLD'n CUT. GOLD'n CUTs total component compatibility provides a mint of field tested advantages like higher ground speeds, longer wear life, less crop shatter, reduced breakage and lower maintenance. It is clean cut performance that redefines how a cutting system contributes to profitability. From the exclusive double cutting action GOLD Guards to the plated, self sharpening BearCUT Sickle Sections and the Spring Loaded Adjustable Hold Down Clips -- Crary GOLD'n CUT is the one that Treats Your Crop Like Gold.

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Gold'N Cut

Worth their weight in Gold. Out in the field you need hard nosed, plug resistant guards that get the job done. GOLD Guard's exclusive full point/mini point design actually doubles the number of cutting surfaces for twice the cutting action of every sickle stroke. They also reduce plant side movement in half - keeping shelling and shatter loss to an absolute minimum.

Gold Guards

The Sharpest Ideas In Cutting. GOLD'n CUT offers three models of plated Sickle Sections. The BearCUT Section utilizes a coarse serration that sharpens itself as wearing occurs. Ideal for combining the BearCUT gives you the longest wear for the money. The Fine Serrated Sections and the Bottom Serrated Sections are perfect for haying applications. All Sickle Sections feature bolt-on convenience and are heat treated for superior cutting life.

Sickle Sections

Put the Spring Back into your Cutting System. Any cutting system performs best when well adjusted. Only Crary GOLD'n CUT offers Spring Laaded Adjustable Hold Downs as a standard feature on combine and hay cutting systems. This innovative hold down adjusts with the turn of a bolt, allowing you to maintain uniform hold down pressure while operating a free-flowing sickle. Imagine perfect adjustment in minutes without bending and shimming. Replaceable Nylatron wear pads add 3 or 4 times more life to the hold downs.

Hold Downs

The Precious Metal Connection. ThunderBOLT's piece by piece design lets you build the exact sickle bar length you need. Easy to assemble interlocking/overlapping bar bolt together for greater field convenience. ThunderBOLT Sickles are UPS-able, easy to carry and store.

Thunder Bolt Sickles
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